Europe stock fell Tuesday

Europe stock fell Tuesday

yesterday, the European
stock indexes showed serious
decrease. DAX lost
1.89%, CAC 40 eased to 1.81%, the FTSE
100 decreased by 1.03%. Consolidated
index of the largest industrial
Dow companies in Europe
Jones Euro Stoxx 50 has lost

The reason for this decline
– weak corporate reporting,
published in Europe, and news from individual
markets. Among the hardest hit
at the end of the trading day the companies –
Atlas Copco and

influenced the
European shares and other events:
Output of weak consumer index
confidence in the US yesterday and interception
Iranian cargo vessel flying the
Marshall Islands flag. Incident
It has been exhausted, but the stock markets had

Commerzbank lost
5.7% after announced doprodazhu
shares for capital support (planned to attract 1.4
billion euros).

Atlas Copco, a manufacturer
mining equipment, fell on
9% after reporting strong reduction
demand for products in the first quarter.
The company he among the main losers
the day was UPM Kymmene, which
on weak reporting lost yesterday
as much as 10%.

Stocker, strategist of UniCredit, said:
“We have seen different reports today,
but disappointing results from such
giants such as UPM-Kymmene, stronger
impact on investor sentiment. ”

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Asia today is calm and positive on background

Asia today is calm and positive on the background of the general output

stock world is very calm: the majority
sites closed on the occasion of Easter
Friday. Asian-Pacific area,
despite their cultural view
membership, also would not mind to relax.
So today is covered Singapore,
Hong Kong Stock Exchange, rest
and Australia and New Zealand.

major developments in Asian markets
today unfolding in Japan,
mainland China and South Korea. By
the day Nikkei and Topix gained 0.6% each; Shanghai Composite –
0.99%; KOSPI –
0.81%. Analysts attribute this
complacent behavior of investors
general calm in the market and with the expectation
Friday’s data from the US labor market.
Volatility in Asian markets
today was low.

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In Asia Green Day Bank of Australia did not raise

In Asia – Green Day, Bank of Australia did not raise interest rate

Asia-Pacific area
Region today showed optimistic
attitude. At the time of 9.06 MSK trading on
major Asian markets already
ended, and we are seeing a general green
zone quotations lists. Nikkei
225 added
1.25%; KOSPI
I grew
S P / ASX firmed
to 0,38%, Shanghai
Composite rose
by as much as 1.86%. Markets in Hong Kong today
It did not work.

the focus in this region on the current
week – central banks. investors returned
a vacation, a new month, regulators
They start to talk about their plans
on monetary policy in the coming
few weeks. today reported
Bank of India, which held no rate
changes. Reserve Bank of Australia
too suddenly did not raise its
rate than immensely surprised markets and
further strengthened by 1.4% Australian
dollar. Tomorrow the decision should
announce the Bank of Japan.

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Oil quotes are weakening on Friday

Oil quotes are weakening on Friday

on oil prices
futures weaken on Friday again. TO
10.28 MSK Brent futures fell
1.66% and costs $ 48.08 for
barrel. WTI futures rose in price
during the American session to the level of
at $ 45.86, but to date
time fell to $ 45.06
a barrel.

factor for the oil in the US
session was the data on oil reserves in the
USA. Crude oil reserves in Cushing
fell by 897,000 barrels. In his
a note to clients BNP Paribas
writes that, apparently, stocks
stabilized. demand for oil refineries
plants significantly decreases.

subsequently, however,
Oil pressured news from OPEC.
Saudi Arabia’s top oil exporter,
He sees no need for an extraordinary
OPEC summit for the protection of oil prices.
This is partly offset the strong and
American session rally. The corresponding
Information received from sources,
familiar with the matter, after the meeting
Ministers of countries of the Persian oil
Gulf with the Emir of Qatar in Doha. At the meeting
discussed Venezuela’s proposal
OPEC summit to gather and invite
it representatives of oil-producing countries,
outside the cartel.

Puts pressure on prices and
Russia’s position. Minister of Energy,
Alexander Novak, confirmed once
time that the country will not cut its
production, because it can
only lead to short-term
price recovery. risks of future
recession will not go down that way.

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Oil prices fell on global uncertainty

Oil prices fell on global uncertainty

prices fell on Monday. By 11:20 MSK
Brent c delivery in October
It fell to $ 49.10 per
barrel, WTI futures are
$ 45.62. Price reduction is due
the strengthening of the dollar, excess
Proposals on the market, lackluster data
US labor market. lightly support
Price helped the rebound in the price of Chinese
shares, however, we are still seeing
the drop in oil prices of reference marks
more than 1%.

Oil in recent weeks showed
acrobatic somersaults because
turbulence in global stock
markets. And it becomes an unpleasant surprise
increase in US oil at 4.7 million
barrels, but it is expected to decline.
Uncertainty about interest
US interest rates puts pressure on all markets, and
including oil.

likelihood of increased interest
rate in September is about
20%, according to leading market experts.

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Owners of fashion house Valentino are considering

The owners of fashion house Valentino are considering initial public offerings

According to Bloomberg data, Valentino Fashion Group SpA owners are exploring options for an IPO of one of the most famous and popular fashion houses in Italii.Predpolozhitelno, Valentino fashion house will be valued at 2 billion euros. According to analysts, the fashion house management can to sell 25-35% stake in the first six months of next goda.Napomnim, Valentino fashion house was opened by the famous designer Valentino Garavani and his business partner Dzhankarlo Dzhametti over forty years nazad.Interesen fact that the largest initial public offering in the industry to create and issue of clothing over the past decade has been output to the stock exchange of another well-known brand from Italy – Prada SpA, which has attracted about $ 2.5 billion as a result of the listing of T HKong five years ago.

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Oil producers should help to contain fall in

Oil producers should help to contain the fall in prices – OPEC head

OPEC Secretary-General Abdullah al-Badri has called the largest oil producers to help curb the fall in world oil prices. He said this, speaking at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House).

According to him, in the future disruptions in the oil industry will take place as long as the country inside and outside OPEC will not cooperate. “It is vital that all the major manufacturers have discussed a solution to this problem. Global markets are interested in the fact that the volume of oil stocks have fallen to levels that will restore prices and the flow of investment, “- leads today,” the Financial Times newspaper, “the word al-Badri.

“This is not only extremely important for the producers but also for consumers. The world needs more oil, but it needs more investment, “- he added.

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