Dollar depreciates after strengthening on strong

Dollar depreciates after strengthening on strong US reports

By 11:14 MSK on the EUR / USD pair
I went up sharply – to
1.0885 mark. At the same time, the index
dollar shows a negative
momentum after recent gains on Friday
against the background of positive statistics from the US.
The dollar index fell to 97.48 (0.27%). Course
The dollar rose against the yen to 120.84 yen.

Last Friday,
The US Labor Department announced
reducing the level of unemployment in the country
in February to 5.5%, and an increase in
the number of jobs in non-agricultural
industries in the economy 295 thousand. experts
We are waiting to decrease unemployment and 5.6% growth of
the number of jobs by only 235,000.

"We can see
a further increase in the dollar, especially if
US data will continue to be good".
– says investment strategist Edward
D. Jones Uern Kate (Kate Warne).

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Dazi MTF Stochastics

Dazi MTF Stochastics

Stochastic is capable of operating at higher timeframes (MTF).

This indicator is designed to operate on smaller timeframes (timeframe chart, on which the indicator), while it calculates the values ​​with higher timeframes (working timeframe).

It has 3 advantages:

  • Buffer shift corresponds to the operating timeframe (MTF) (When used in conjunction with an expert)
  • Visualization backtesting
  • It works on any time frame (E.g., H12 or D2)


In addition to the standard parameters of the indicator has two additional parameters:

  • Timeframe, which will operate an indicator (MTF) (optional parameter)
    Selected from these timeframes. It can not be less than the timeframe chart, running indicator. But if the timeframe schedule yet more force becomes smaller timeframe chart.
  • timeframe coefficient (additional parameter)
    Value which is multiplied timeframe. Mandatory minimum value – “1”.
  • KPeriod (standard parameter)
  • DPeriod (standard parameter)
  • Slowing (standard parameter)

shift buffer

Indicator called with iCustom (NULL, 0, “di_MTF-Stochastic”, …., a buffer, shift).
It corresponds to the provided buffer and the desired buffer. The indicator has two buffers:% K-Line (buffer = 0), and% D-Line (buffer = 1).
The shift corresponds to the bar, but the bar working timeframe.

For example: active graph is on M1, while the indicator is at M15. Then shift of 0 returns the current value (% K or% D) working timeframe (M15), shift 1 returns the previous value of M15 (the value on the last bar in the closed M15), 2 corresponds to the shift

value at the second closed bar on M15 etc.

Visualization backtesting

The indicator works well for visual schedules strategy tester. Thus, it is possible visualization of indicator values ​​and expert verification strategies during backtesting.

any timeframe

Timeframe may be selected only from the said timeframes. But it is multiplied by a coefficient, which allows operation on any timeframe.

If the schedule is the timeframe M1, and the indicator should work on M10, the required parameters will be “timeframe = M1, factor = 10″ or “timeframe = M5, factor = 2”.

This can be especially useful for higher timeframes, such as H12, D2 or D3.

EXAMPLE use with iCustom

Suppose that timeframe chart – M5, and the indicator must calculate based KPeriod parameter = 5, DPeriod = 3, Slowing = 3 H2. And the expert is necessary to value% K the last closed bar timeframe H2. In this case, the function call may be as follows: kv = iCustom (NULL, 0, “di_MTF-Stochastic”, PERIOD_H1, 2, 5, 3, 3, 0, 1)

Dazi MTF Stochastics

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Market Trending plus Alert by RunwiseFX

Market Trending plus Alert by RunwiseFX

The indicator shows the presence of a trend on the market, its magnitude, direction, and whether it is increasing. The indicator is useful for detecting the flat using trendsledyaschih strategies. The indicator also tells about the market transition from the flat in the trend, which can be an excellent entry point. Alert can be included directly in the graph by ticking.

Also includes a bonus in the form of indicators of the current spread and the price of supply and demand large text with color change when the price changes.


Login must be carried out when the indicator line is above the level of 100, that is, it is not yellow, and the vertical bars of the histogram graph of the same color. histogram bars appear at the confirmed direction. Purple color is a confirmed trend, but a weak trend. Green signals indicate buy / long, and red lights – a sell / short. Do not open the deal with no bars.

Early entry may be considered if there is a green / red bar histogram, but the line of the indicator is yellow, or if the bar histogram purple, but the line of the indicator is above the level of 100, that is a green / red color.

Alert is activated via a tick on the graph. By default, a check mark is put in the bottom left corner of the chart. Alert triggered when the transition from the flat to the market trend. The panel displays the number of pips from the date of the alert trigger. The indicator can notify you when a pop-up message, playing a sound wav-file, email message, or push-notification.

Bonus spread indicator shows the current spread, the color of which may vary in case of too high values ​​spread. Also, large text displays the current bid / ask price. Price going up, colored green; going down – in red and yellow shows not changing the price. Indicators are not mandatory, fully customizable.

Input parameters

  • Main_alertOnDefault – at true operating notification indicator included by default
  • Main_alertShowPriceLine – If true, show a horizontal line price of the alert response
  • Main_alertLineStyle – style horizontal price line
  • Main_alertThreshold – value of the indicator when triggered the alert. Default – 100 (transition into a trend confirmed)
  • Main_histogramThreshold – indicator value at occurrence histogram. Default – 90 (possible shift in the trend)
  • Col_alertSell – color line with the Alert for sale
  • Col_alertBuy – color line with the alerts to purchase
  • Box_corner – angle alerting control panel arrangement. Default – the lower left corner
  • Box_X – X-coordinate of the control panel arrangement
  • Box_Y – Y-coordinate of the control panel arrangement
  • Gen_GUIFontSize – font size for the label on the control panel
  • Gen_GUIFont – name of the font for the control panel
  • Gen_lineLabelFontSize – font size of the text label on the horizontal price lines
  • Gen_alertPopUp – if true will show a pop-up notification (post notification will appear in the magazine)
  • Gen_alertSound – if true will play the sound file
  • Gen_alertSoundWavFile – the name of the wav-file. You must specify if Gen_alertSound = true
  • Gen_alertMail – if true a notification will be sent by e-mail according to the settings of your terminal MetaTrader
  • Gen_alertNotification – If true, you will send push-notifications in accordance with the settings of your terminal MetaTrader
  • Gen_colorLabel – color labels for panel
  • Gen_colorSell – common colors for signals for sale
  • Gen_colorBuy – common colors for signals to buy
  • Gen_colorSellBuy – common colors for the transition between the buying / selling
  • Gen_askBidPricesShow – If true, the chart will display information about the ask / bid price
  • Gen_askBidPricesCorner – corner of the chart, which will show information about the ask / bid price
  • Gen_askBidPricesX – the X coordinate information on the price ask / bid
  • Gen_askBidPricesY – Y coordinate information about price ask / bid
  • Gen_askBidPricesSizeAsk – font size for the ask price
  • Gen_askBidPricesSizeBid – font size for the bid price
  • Gen_spreadShow – if true shows the current spread
  • Gen_spreadCorner – a spread angle in the graph display

Converting to adviser

This indicator, like the others, you can easily convert the adviser using our product Panel plus Configurable Automation:

version of MT4

Market Trending plus Alert by RunwiseFX

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