The indicator is two unidirectional fractal consecutive so that between them there was no oppositely directed fractal, and marks them on the chart of the currency pair.

There is only one external parameter: DrawArrowSig – whether to output signal indicators. If true, the indicator in addition to the more fractals displays and icons signal indicators on the current bar on the price level of the last found the fractal.

Depending on the entry strategy, these levels can be used as input signal for the market, either as a level place a pending order (Limit or Stop). Keep in mind that a fractal is fully formed only on the second bar, so that the signal appears at the opening of the new, current bar with a delay of two bars after its formation, necessary for the formation of a fractal.


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SharpRebound – Counselor, using the rollback strategy after the Great Leap Forward. Expert works on minute chart (M1).

Two trading options:

  1. market execution
  2. pending order

What you need to work SharpRebound:

  1. Broker with the execution of market orders without delay and re-quotes, with the order fulfillment rate of less than 300 ms.
  2. The connection with your broker server is less than 100 ms.
  3. ECN account type.
  4. RAM your computer is not less than 3 GB.

Basic settings (testing was conducted on these options):

  1. Lot = 0.01; if MoneyManagement = False, then the volume of orders to open is equal to that value
  2. Slippage = 2; allowable slippage
  3. Spred = 2; allowable maximum spread at which the order will be opened
  4. Depozit = 100; % Use of funds from the deposit, taking into account the leverage
  5. Risk = 1; %% Risk of the means used
  6. OrdTot = 1; the number of simultaneously open orders in one direction
  7. TeProfit = 50; TakeProfit
  8. StLoss = 2; StopLoss
  9. UstanSLTP = True; is included
  10. OtlogOrder = True; including the method of pending order (if false, the execution of orders open market)
  11. MoneyManagement = True; Included money management, automatic calculation lot, with considering Depozit, Risk, StLoss, Spred
  12. LONG = True; purchase included
  13. SHORT = True; sale included


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On Friday morning crude oil fell back to $ 65

On Friday morning, crude oil fell back to $ 65.3 per barrel

On Friday morning, to 8:51
MSK June futures for Brent oil fell
in price by 0.18% – to $ 65.34 per barrel.
At the same time futures for WTI traded
at $ 58.63 (-0.53%) per barrel.

Many countries of OPEC
may begin unilaterally
a decrease in oil production, about
This was stated by Minister of Energy Oman
Mohammed bin Hamad al-Rumi. During
his speech at the conference
Berlin, focusing on energy
Security, he sharply criticized
the position of Saudi Arabia, noting that
as a result of a significant part of
OPEC may just stop
follow the common position of the cartel.

"The Saudis have not
no God-given right to decide for
other OPEC members. I think that in the near future
time we see that countries
OPEC, Angola, Nigeria, Gabon, Venezuela,
Iran and possibly Iraq, will operate
unilaterally without waiting
Saudi Arabia"- Mohammed said
bin Hamad al-Rumi.

He also said that
OPEC’s current strategy is not effective
for oil-exporting countries.

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Dazi MTF Stochastics

Dazi MTF Stochastics

Stochastic is capable of operating at higher timeframes (MTF).

This indicator is designed to operate on smaller timeframes (timeframe chart, on which the indicator), while it calculates the values ​​with higher timeframes (working timeframe).

It has 3 advantages:

  • Buffer shift corresponds to the operating timeframe (MTF) (When used in conjunction with an expert)
  • Visualization backtesting
  • It works on any time frame (E.g., H12 or D2)


In addition to the standard parameters of the indicator has two additional parameters:

  • Timeframe, which will operate an indicator (MTF) (optional parameter)
    Selected from these timeframes. It can not be less than the timeframe chart, running indicator. But if the timeframe schedule yet more force becomes smaller timeframe chart.
  • timeframe coefficient (additional parameter)
    Value which is multiplied timeframe. Mandatory minimum value – “1”.
  • KPeriod (standard parameter)
  • DPeriod (standard parameter)
  • Slowing (standard parameter)

shift buffer

Indicator called with iCustom (NULL, 0, “di_MTF-Stochastic”, …., a buffer, shift).
It corresponds to the provided buffer and the desired buffer. The indicator has two buffers:% K-Line (buffer = 0), and% D-Line (buffer = 1).
The shift corresponds to the bar, but the bar working timeframe.

For example: active graph is on M1, while the indicator is at M15. Then shift of 0 returns the current value (% K or% D) working timeframe (M15), shift 1 returns the previous value of M15 (the value on the last bar in the closed M15), 2 corresponds to the shift

value at the second closed bar on M15 etc.

Visualization backtesting

The indicator works well for visual schedules strategy tester. Thus, it is possible visualization of indicator values ​​and expert verification strategies during backtesting.

any timeframe

Timeframe may be selected only from the said timeframes. But it is multiplied by a coefficient, which allows operation on any timeframe.

If the schedule is the timeframe M1, and the indicator should work on M10, the required parameters will be “timeframe = M1, factor = 10″ or “timeframe = M5, factor = 2”.

This can be especially useful for higher timeframes, such as H12, D2 or D3.

EXAMPLE use with iCustom

Suppose that timeframe chart – M5, and the indicator must calculate based KPeriod parameter = 5, DPeriod = 3, Slowing = 3 H2. And the expert is necessary to value% K the last closed bar timeframe H2. In this case, the function call may be as follows: kv = iCustom (NULL, 0, “di_MTF-Stochastic”, PERIOD_H1, 2, 5, 3, 3, 0, 1)

Dazi MTF Stochastics

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AO Chart Indicator Demo

AO Chart Indicator Demo

This is the demo version of the indicator AO Chart Indicator. The demo version runs on a pair GBPUSD or any demo account.

Indicator displays on the chart signals Awesome Oscillator according to Bill Williams’ strategy:

  1. Signal “Saucer” – this is the only signal to buy
    (Sale), which occurs when the Awesome Oscillator histogram
    It is above (below) zero line. “Saucer” is formed when
    bar chart reversed its direction from downward to upward (signal to
    purchase), or ascending to descending (sell signal). Wherein
    AO histogram all columns must be above the zero line (signal
    to buy) or below zero (for sale).
  2. “Crossing the zero line” – purchase signal is formed,
    where AO histogram shifts from negative to positive values
    values ​​or vice versa. This occurs when the histogram
    crosses the zero line.
  3. “Twin Peaks” – a buy signal is generated when there are
    the downward peak (lowest minimum) located below zero
    lines AO, followed by another downward peak which is higher
    than the previous peak, down-looking. For sale – when there is a peak,
    upward (the highest peak), located above the zero
    lines AO, followed by another upward peak that
    lower than the previous peak looking up.
  4. In addition, LED displays fifth consecutive bar in the “red” or “green” zone, after which Bill Williams recommends not to build up a position.

AO Chart Indicator Demo

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Societe Generale we recommend selling GBPUSD

Societe Generale: we recommend selling GBP / USD

Selling a pair of the British pound / US dollar may be the simplest strategy against the backdrop of falling oil prices after the meeting in Doha and political uncertainty in the UK, says the Societe Generale.

The bank noted that the decline in oil prices has supported the US dollar and the UK the risk of exit from the EU has put downward pressure on the British pound.

Signals are copied, distributed, and to earn $

According to the Minister of Finance of the United Kingdom George Osborne, the country’s withdrawal from the EU will cost 4,300 British pounds per family per year.

According to a Bloomberg survey of the forthcoming referendum, currently 40% of respondents wanted to remain part of the union, and 39% – to withdraw from it.

“Given the significant proportion of those who want to withdraw from the Union, as well as the uncertainty regarding the outcome of the referendum, the British pound will remain under pressure for a long time”, – noted in SocGen. Dow Jones Newswires, PRIME

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RBC Range Bar Chart

RBC Range Bar Chart

Indicator RBC – Range Bar Chart (Graph Range bars) is a classic indicator for plotting Range bars. In the present display range of prices at which the construction will be: price top vapor / smallest (High / Low), this is the classic one for analysis. Also here there are the opening price (Open), High (High), lowest (Low), Closing (Close). The first option is analyzed values ​​of two prices, in other embodiments, only one is used. Schedule Range bars in its classic version should be based on tick data, but because the server has no such data, construction is possible only on the basis of standard timeframes data bars. Keep in mind that the larger the timeframe, the construction will be rougher. The selection indicator implemented on standard timeframes.

At the first start to press the letter “R” on the keyboard or wait for the specified “period of renovation plotting” (Update period chart), it will start the construction. If the indicator displays a message about the data copy error (Copy error), then the specified action needs to be repeated later, as will copy the data from the server, which may take some time.

It is worth paying attention to:

  • If we choose a very large amount of time for analysis (earliest start date), then the construction can take a long time since the start indicator when there is a large number of copying data from the server;
  • When tested in the Strategy Tester (Strategy Tester), the date of beginning of the analysis must be chosen before the date of commencement of testing for about a week or a month (depending on the selected step).

indicator settings

  • Magic number – Magic number – a unique number indicator need to run multiple indicators at the same time (each, he should have his own);
  • Period of the analyzed data – the data being analyzed period – the construction of the indicator can be implemented from the information of bars at different timeframes (more timeframe, the construction is made rougher);
  • Update period chart – Period updates plotting – that on each tick not recalculate plotting, you can set a specific time updates;
  • Start date analysis – Date of beginning of the analysis – the indicator analyzes and building only from that date;
  • Type price for building – View rates for plotting – as mentioned previously in the description, it can be produced based on data from different kinds of prices (High / Low, Open, High, Low, Close);
  • Step – Step – the most important parameter plotting Range bars determines the size of the motion required to build a Range bar.

RBC Range Bar Chart

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