German Finance Minister did not rule out Greek

German Finance Minister did not rule out a Greek default

German Finance Wolfgang Schäuble in
an interview with The Wall Street Journal said,
that he could not rule out the Greek
default. At one time, in 2012, Schäuble
He gave the assurance that the EU will not allow
Greek default. Yesterday, on the question of whether,
Whether he will be able to repeat this promise,
Schäuble replied: “I would be very good
I think twice before repeating it in
the current situation. ”

democratic solution to the Greek
people put us in a completely different
position than three years ago “, –
He said the minister, referring to the January
elections, won by the radical
Left Party, has promised to reverse the
situation with austerity and painful
economic reforms in the country.

Schäuble – the main architect of the system
austerity, which was a response
Europe’s debt crisis. In an interview
Yesterday he showed no signs of
willingness to compromise in negotiations
how to unlock the latest
a portion of the money, prepared to help
Greece. If you reach an agreement
and it did not succeed, then in six weeks
Greece will have no choice,
other than a default by one billion debt
payments this summer.

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HSBC will dismiss 25 thousand employees and reduce

HSBC will dismiss 25 thousand employees and reduce by $ 5 billion in costs

banking giant
branch, HSBC, announced on
Tuesday its investors about the long-awaited
restructuring. Over the next
two years, the bank
plans to cut
costs of $ 5 billion and goodbye
25 000 employees (out of 260,000). also, the lender
He said it would cut its weighted
on risk assets to 290 billion dollars.

the largest of
Europe’s largest asset Bank, HSBC,
also announced plans to sell
his Turkish and Brazilian operating
offices – that are connected with it so
large-scale layoffs. However, the presence
Brazil will be maintained to
serve large customers.

“Brazil and
Turkey have limited value
franchise, and that is why we have taken
such a decision. In business, there can not
be “sacred cows”, “- he said
HSBC Chief Executive Officer
Steward Gulliver at a conference for

According to
Gulliver in the UK is likely to
They will be reduced by about 7 – 8000
posts that might already
occur as a result of, for example, care
employees on their own.

Bank director, Endi Maguayr added,
that the reduction of thousands of jobs
It occurs due to modernization
operation of digital systems for consumers,
and automation in the industry. the union also
bank employees had already responded
this: “This is another example of how
workers are punished for the mistakes of senior
investment bankers. This last
wave of layoffs – a knife in the back of the
the people who worked so hard to deter
HSBC on normal tracks
during the 2008 crisis. We are planing
Meet with Antonio Shimoesom,
Executive Director of the British
HSBC office and demand
that any layoffs were the result of
voluntary desire of employees. ”

Earlier this
year it was announced the desire of the bank
to move its headquarters to Hong Kong
because of too much tax
load. This, according to a statement today
Gulliver, will lead to a loss of only 250
jobs, so it is not
main cause separations. “We will
a decision by the end of this year. If we
still decide to leave Britain, the
it will take another two years “, – he said.

from this decision, Europe’s largest
the lender plans to increase sharply
its investments in Asia. declare
expanding asset management and
insurance sector in Asia “in order to
development of new opportunities in the region. ”

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Three reasons to sell yen

Three reasons to sell the yen

BofA Merrill Lynch believes that the Bank of Japan will continue to adhere to the ultra-loose monetary policy in the medium and long term, preferring to observe its normalization by the Fed and other tsentrobankov- G10 issuers. Low volatility, high cost of capital in the United States and the divergence in the monetary policy of the Fed and the BoJ are “bullish” factors for the pair USD / JPY. They allow us to recommend the purchase, but the bank is concerned about the political and other risks that are putting pressure on the US dollar.

The inability of the team to Donald Trump to push through Congress a bill on changes in the health system, as well as a more “dovish” rhetoric Janet Yellen than-expected correction contribute USD / JPY.

However, BofA Merrill Lynch believe there is a risk of a temporary nature, and already the US dollar in the fall will cost 115 yen.

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News Chaser MT4

News Chaser MT4

Expert exposes the pending orders and SELLSTOP BUYSTOP type in the number NumberOfPendingPairs = 7 (Or at any other desired amount) for the selected currency pair in a grid with a pitch equal to the input parameter PendingStepPoints = 30 (The number of items in step adjustable).

Two or more pending orders are placed between the dates DateOfOrders_1 and DateOfOrders_2.

Typically, these dates are set for the period of 1-2 minutes … before the release of important economic news.

input parameter DateOfCloseOrders It is used to remove all open pending orders, if they still exist to this time.

If TrailingStop > 0, all the real order modified system of a trailing stop.

input parameter kLot It represents a coefficient of the lot size of the second and all subsequent pending orders. The value may be less than 1 (in this case all pending orders from the second will be smaller lots) or greater than 1 (in this case all pending orders from the second will be larger lots).

Expert can be used one or more times during the working day.

News Chaser MT4

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Digital Detector

Digital Detector

Digital Detector – intellectual system of short-term prediction of the behavior of the financial instrument on the basis of numerical price pattern recognition methods. The indicator uses several fundamentally different between a means of identifying market segments. Prediction is done by adding the forecast for all the fragments found patterns that minimizes the total forecast error.

customizable settings

  • StartBar – the initial bar;
  • MethodDetecting – Pattern identification method;
  • LengthPattern – pattern length in bars;
  • LengthForecast – prediction length in bars;
  • History – history in bars;
  • Conformity – matching coefficient;
  • NumberPatternDisplays – the number of patterns for calculation of the total forecast;
  • MethodDisplay – rendering prediction method;
  • ColorClouds – color lines forecast discrepancies;
  • ColorLines – color line the main forecast.

Digital Detector

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Opinion terrorists can not destroy economy of

Opinion: The terrorists can not destroy the economy of the developed world

days ago in Paris I experienced the attack
terrorists. In addition to the terrible bloodshed,
attack and had deep physical
the impact on the city. But despite the
broken windows and damaged as a result of
building explosions, Paris lives as well as
and to the terrible Friday. On all leaves,
that the Islamic state (organization
banned in Russia) is not capable of deep
disrupt the physical infrastructure,
energy supplies, economic system
France (or any other country’s development
the world).

Al-Qaeda operating model can
compared with a global franchise:
her brand took semi-independent
groups that independently
organize and carry out their

for what is happening today, IG (forbidden
terrorist organization in Russia)
He prefers to outsource. Multiport
weapons, cross-border supply chain
planning terrorist acts
– all of this is consistent with
hypothetical slogan “Created
in Syria. Made in Belgium (here
You can substitute any other country). ”
However, the economic impact of
Islamists obsessed with physical
the maximum amount of destruction
“Infidels”, usually has only Tourism
and transport companies.

there is
Examples: Sept. 11, 2001
The United States had little long-term
effect after the initial damage
$ 90
billion. For comparison, the financial crisis
2008 and the earthquake in Japan in 2011
(Violating the global supply chain
goods) to influence the
the global economy was much stronger.
more than a hundred people were killed in Paris. But
from an economic point of view, random
accident at the German chemical plant
in 2012 that killed two workers struck
more damage since stopped
production of synthetic resin,
used by dozens of European and
US automakers.

terrorist group in Syria
and manages the Iraq oil industry
within a controlled area
but there is little that is capable of economically
point of view outside of its borders. Murder
people is appalling, but this one in the war
enough. Remember how the Nazis
bombed the docks in east London in 1940
Years: they deliberately destroyed
infrastructure to maximize
hamper delivery.

terrorists do not. they encourage
clash of civilizations, Kindle
the fear of the so-called “gray zone” –
among the millions of people who do not want
live under the hood of the Caliphate and prefer
to enjoy his freedom in another
place. Under the harsh rhetoric about Paris
as “the capital of prostitution and vice”
IG implies that wanted to destroy
French economy.

Sandler, a professor of the University of Texas,
studying the economic impact of
terrorism, says: “They may scare
all of us, but it seems, can not affect
on the economic system. ”

it depends on the scale. Most
terrorist attacks, even Paris,
– small and highly localized. If
you do not happen to be around at the moment
– You’re safe. Important and serious
diversification of the modern economy.
There are some bottlenecks in the energy sector
and communications infrastructure, but
all of their key points are well protected.

Sheff, a professor at the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, said:
“Individual companies may suffer.
But the industry as a whole is very strong and well
protected. ”

Contrary to what is happening now,
can result in the Spanish province
Basque. Over 20 years of separatist
(Aimed mainly at industrial
objects, rather than killing people) GDP
the region fell by 10%.

way that can hurt the economy
France and the whole of the eurozone as a whole – is
Government reactions in the form of recovery
passport and border control
suspension of the Schengen
agreements that allow free
the movement of people and goods. economists
warned this week that “growing
response against the key member
globalization. ”

actions of terrorists – has its own logic.
They cause panic and fear that
far exceeds the real danger.
To some extent, this may even be
marketing campaign for the new recruits.
But against the background of natural phenomena, such as
earthquake, or on the background of the global
economic laws, even large
attack – it is a minor event.

think about it, when faced with
atrocities. But is afraid to give
fighters win.

Parisians have fallen, but Paris is worth, and will
stand. Like Frankfurt, Berlin, Rome,
Madrid. Like all of Europe, but only in the
if it is to stick together.

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Ministry of Finance offers 10 times to raise

Ministry of Finance offers 10 times to raise the tax on gambling

The Russian Ministry of Finance took the initiative to raise the tax on gambling on all taxable items 10 times. Furthermore, in department oblige bookmaker offered to pay royalties to 10% of its revenue from online betting.

At the moment, the proposal submitted for discussion in the framework of the “road map” to improve revenue administration of the budget system. It is expected that the Ministry of experts to elaborate a relevant draft law by the end of this year.

It should be noted that today the country operates a total of four legal casino “Oracle” and “Nirvana” in the Krasnodar Territory, “Altai Palace”, “Altai and Tigre de Crystal in Primorye. In addition, gambling is still permitted in the Crimea and in the Kaliningrad region.

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