MultiLimitStop EA Demo

MultiLimitStop EA Demo

This EA (demo version) is designed for automatic placement of pending orders (sell limit, buy limit, sell stop, buy stop), including levels of Stop Loss and Take Profit (editable) with just one push of a button. Adviser may establish a layered series / grid of pending orders.

Thus, with this expert installation pending orders will be faster, more accurately and more efficiently.

Basic goals

  • Trade automation grid of pending orders.
  • Automating the process of placing pending orders:
    • fast
    • exactly
    • effectively
  • Automation closing orders / pending orders.
  • Control orders: removal of sediments, the closure of all, closing only purchases, closing only sales.
  • Preventing undesired installation pending orders, stop-loss, take profit if the level stops broker different from usual.
  • Simplifying and speeding up the work.

Expert inputs

  1. Lots – lot size, default 0.01.
  2. Inc_Lots – increase the size of the lot when you install more than one order, default 0.01. When 0, the lot is not increased.
  3. MaxOrder – the maximum number of opened orders for one click, the default is 5.
  4. Distance – the distance from the current price for the installation of the first order, the default 15.
  5. Step – distance from the order to the next order / next level by default 20.
  6. TakeProfittake-profit level in terms of the price chart, the default is 10.
  7. StopLoss – stop-loss level in terms of the price chart, default 0.
  8. MagicNumber – It is used to identify the advisor orders, default 0.
  9. SC_Comment – Councilor comment, enter any value.
  10. Color1 – the color of the displayed information.
  11. Color2 – the color of the displayed information.

full version can be found here:

MultiLimitStop EA Demo

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Pound Aussie EA

Pound Aussie EA

Pound Aussie EA


This is a complex adviser with flexible configuration, is designed specifically for GBPAUD tool.

Opening a position made by the copyright indicator signals, taking into account the volatility of a certain time period, and support / resistance levels, as accurately as possible to enter the market.

Adaptive algorithm support orders.


  • Working pair / timeframe: GBPAUD M5.
  • It uses market orders.
  • Spread – Commission – slip, do not matter.
  • Suitable for any broker and any type of account.


  • Tool: GBPAUD
  • Time Frame: M5
  • Deposit: from $ 2,500 to 0,01 lot

The parameters change:

LOTs, money management set based on the amount of your deposit and preferences.

Most do not change anything!


  • MAS – Settings Moving Average
  • RSI – RSI settings
  • Trade Levels – Enabling or disabling the operation of the levels.
  • Filter MA – Enabling and disabling work MA (only works when the Trade Levels – true)
  • each Level – Every N-th level (in points), if 500, the counselor counts each price level of 500.
  • Execute on Price Touch – the level of treatment at the touch of price level or by closing the candle on it.
  • EndLvl_Trading_Buy Sell stop mining at.
  • Freeze After TP – true / false time span in which the adviser is not trading after Tp.
  • Freeze Minutes – Break after the TP is indicated in minutes.


  • Profit Count – the amount of the profits from the beginning of the start of the advisor.
  • Take Profit 1 – TP 1st order (in the old points)
  • Take Profit 2 – TP of the 2nd order (the total for the two orders)
  • Take Profit 3 – TP of third order (the total for the three orders)
  • Stop Loss – SL for an order or orders of the basket.
  • Break Even Level – Plus N points (in the old points) bezubytka to the 4th degree inclusive.
  • MoveBE Lvl – forced transfer to breakeven on a given tribe, if (0), the function is disabled.
  • MoveBE Percent – forced transfer to breakeven for the interest loss on the account if (0), the function is disabled.
  • TP_BE – breakeven, plus a specified number of points, if (0) simply BU. (This only works in conjunction with MoveBE Lvl)
  • Stop_Trading – forced to stop trading session, after reaching the profit as a percentage of the total deposit in the account. If the value is (0.0) function is disabled.
  • Stop_Trading _After_TP – if true, the adviser stops trading session only after the open positions will be closed at the TP.
  • Both Directions – true / false, trade and construction of the baskets on both sides.
  • PIP Steps – the distance between the orders (in old paragraphs)


  • First Lot – fixed size basic lot at Auto Lot – false
  • auto Lot – true / false
  • Lot_Size – basic lot size.
  • Lot_MM – The size of the depot to the basic lot.
  • Spread Filter – Spread filter.
  • Day Filter – Filter by day of week.
  • Time Filter – time filter.
  • Use Time Zone – true / false
  • Add Any Time – true / false to continue or not to build a basket of orders at the end of trading time.
  • Move to BE – forced transfer to breakeven at the end of trading time.
  • Time Zone Start – the start of trade.
  • Time Zone End – while the Trade Deadline.
  • Use Daily Close – true / false the forced closure of the set time.
  • Daily Close Time – the forced closing of all open positions.
  • Close Trades on Friday – true / false Stopping the trade and the closing of all positions on Friday.
  • Friday Close Time – the stop trading and closing of positions on Friday.


Be sure to use the VPS.

For maximum results, use the leverage of 1: 500;

It does not match the FIFO rules.

Pound Aussie EA

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Fractal trade for breakthrough

Fractal – trade for a breakthrough

Many experienced traders say that making money by trading on the market, easily. It is difficult to keep them afterwards. All markets are characterized by the fact that for most of the time the price is not much change, and only for a short time (15 – 30 percent) account for trend changes in prices. For traders who are not located in the exchange and / or non-specialists, attacking difficult times, when the market is not going anywhere. Most traders tend to put a protective stop (foot) is too close to the market and as a result suffer losses. The most favorable for profit during periods when market prices change according to a certain trend. Therefore, our first task is not to miss any significant trend. Remember – this is the first of our five entry systems in the market, and this is the first signal that we have to consider after the Alligator starts to wake up.


We do not want to participate in the market and "keep your powder dry" as long as the Alligator will not be hungry and will not start your search of food (either higher or lower prices). We do not make any trades until until the first fractal will be in charge of our conditions. Let’s take another look at a typical stock and / or futures market (Fig. 4-1).

A typical situation in the market trading

Fig. 4-1 shows a typical, "characteristic" market behavior. Market from 70 to 85 percent of the time headway. During this period, the market activity of the majority of traders are losing money;
arrived at this time are only traders working in the stock room, which crush the market in a very short period of time. The most critical is the point at which there was at least the last. My trading methods, including the five magic bullets – is the best way to detect the bottom or the top.
Alligator will help us to engage in a real trend and not to conclude the transaction at the time of price fluctuations within a limited range, which is eating up our profits.

MODEL fractal

fractal model is simple. The market is moving in one direction or another. After some time, buyers who wanted

Fig. 4-1 Typical market

make a purchase, it made (during an uptrend), and the market falls back due to lack of buyers. Then on traders starting to affect some new information (Chaos). There is a new shopping flow, and the market is looking for a place value of non-compliance and agreement on the price moves up. If the driving market force (momentum) and the power of buyers is large enough to overcome the preceding up fractal, we can deliver an order to buy, so that concluded one transaction at a price exceeding one minimum price change (tick) the maximum fractal. Let’s examine some typical fractal model.

Fig. 4-2 you see an idealized diagram of fractal models "A’. The technical definition of a fractal – a series of at least five consecutive bars where the highest high before and behind him are two bars with lower highs. (The opposite configuration corresponds to a fractal for sale). One way to visualize this

Fig. 4-2 Model fractal.

reach out in front of him, splayed with five toes, while your middle finger is pointing upward. Your fingers – it’s five successive bars, and your middle finger is the highest high, forming a fractal. In fractal upstairs, we are interested only in the highest values ​​of the bars, while the fractal down interest are only the lowest bars. It is important to pay attention to the following restrictions:

  1. If the current bar has the same meaning on top of that and the average, the highest bar, it is not considered
    one of the five bars needed to form a fractal. For fractal purchase you must have
    maximum, which was preceded by two lower highs, and to be followed by two more
    low maximum. For fractal for sale, you should have at least one, which would be preceded by
    two higher minimum Isa followed by two higher lows.
  2. Fractals upward and downward, may include the same beverage. The same bar can be part of both the
    up fractal, and fractal down.

Pay attention to how the Model "AT" It meets all the requirements for a fractal. Two previous and two subsequent fractal may have any maximum, whose vertices will be no higher than the average bar (finger). In addition, the model "AT" is a fractal both upward and downward, since both of the preceding bar and the following bars and both are internal bars, if compared with the average bar fractal.
Model "FROM" It shows a different formation, which creates both an up fractal, and fractal down. As shown here, these fractals can "include" a same beverage. Model "D" It requires six bars to form a fractal up, because the fifth bar has a height equal to the previous highest high. To emphasize the above, once again repeat here the working definition:
Fractal must have two previous and two following bars with lower highs (more vysokimiminimumami when the downward trend). For fractal purchase we are interested in only the maximum value of the bars. For fractal for sale we are interested in only the lowest bars.
Fractals tell us a lot about "phase space" market behavior, but we can improve our trade, knowing how to change behavior of the fractal function, when the market will move from high to low and back again. After a fractal is formed, it will always be a fractal, but the role he plays, depends on its position in relation to the Alligator’s mouth. Fig. 4-3 shows the fractal buy and fractal for sale. If the buy signal is above the Red Balance Line (Alligator’s Teeth), we would place a stop order to buy at a minimum price change is one higher than the maximum up fractal. If a sell signal is below the Red Balance Line, we would place a stop order to sell at a minimum price change is one lower than the minimum signal fractal down.
It is important to understand that we do not pay attention to the fractal signal to buy, if, at the time when he is overcome, the price is below the Red Line Balance. This is the best method to filter out non-profit fractal transaction, which is known to us.

Fig. Fractal signals 4-3

After the fractal signal is generated and has power that is determined by its position Alligator’s mouth, it remains a signal as long as no infestation, or until such time as there is no more recent fractal signal.
Fig. 4-4 shows several fractal patterns. Fractal buy is at the top, and fractal for sale -in the bottom. Remember that although the formation of a fractal can be started, it must be filtered using the Alligator. In other words, you should not conclude a deal to buy if a fractal is below the Alligator’s teeth, and you should not conclude a deal to sell if a fractal is above the Alligator’s teeth.
Fig. 4-5 is an overview of a fractal characteristics. The basic structure of the market – it’s Elliott Wave, and the basic structure of the Elliott Wave – a fractal. If a trader is able to correctly identify the place of fractals, it allows him to profit by trading using Elliott Wave, not caring

Fig. 4-4 Various possible shapes of fractals

  1. What is happening between Fractal Fractal top down, it is always
    "Elliott wave of a certain level;
  2. Fractal always means a change in behavior; He is recognized as a
    sequence of five bars, where the central bar (or group) has a
    highs of fractals on top and lower lows FRACTALS

One way to trade using fractal is as follows: if the market
overcomes the outer extreme high for up fractal or minimum
for a down fractal, move towards external orientation / Fractal point.

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LiteWave EA

LiteWave EA

Scalper on the principle of Martingale to work on timeframes M1 / ​​M5 / M30. Advisor automatically selects when to enter the market and when to exit, if something goes wrong. It works well with most of the characters with a low spread, although the spread size does not really matter.

He opens the first order with the appearance of patterns and conditions of moving averages, and at a certain average take-profit to release creates an additional warrant for martingale with a multiplier of the lot of your choice.

It works best on the charts EURUSD M5 and M1. The minimum deposit is 100 to $ 300 (depending on configuration) for a micro or a cent account, and from about 1000 to 10 000 $ for a standard account. It is recommended to use a cent account to have more control over the size of the lots and multipliers.

It works perfectly with any kind of spreads and commissions, best with STP-brokers.

It works best on a virtual server (VPS) for faster execution of trading operations. Permissible slight slippage.

The default is set at a micro or a cent account EURUSD M1.

Other symbols and standard accounts are acceptable. Especially recommended for currencies with low spreads. Best shown itself vapor containing EUR, AUD and USD.

If you have any questions, please contact me. Configuration files can be found in the “Discussion” section. Also in the discussion there are many useful information.

Warning: Martingale strategies carry a high level of risk, should be understood as they should be used, and it is not recommended to use them during the news release.


  • Fixed Lots: Use an initial fixed lot size X.
  • Turn MM on: Use the calculation of risk warrants.
  • Risk: The risk of 0.01 to 1 (depending on settings). When the risk value of 1.0, the betting starts with 0.01 lots for every $ 15. Adjust in accordance with this value.
  • Martingale Factor: The factor for subsequent transactions on martingale.
  • Min Space Between Trades: Minimum distance in pips between transactions martingale.
  • Take Profit: Minimum value in pips for fixing average profit (70 pips = 7.0).
  • Bias: The value used as the threshold for transactions. The lower the value, the lower the transaction is performed, but it is safer. -500 to 50,000.
  • RSI min: The minimum value for opening transactions cycle using RSI H1.
  • RSI Max: The maximum value for the opening of transactions cycle using RSI H1.
  • Max Simultaneous Trades: Maximum number of transactions on the martingale, recommend value of 5 to 7 depending on the other settings.
  • Low RSI Value: RSI value filter Martingale cycles.
  • High RSI Value: RSI value filter Martingale cycles.
  • Magic Number: Magic number of transactions. It is necessary to use different magic numbers for each running copy LiteWave.
  • Start Time and End Time: Time of day trading. Use the format xx: yy (ie 10:30).
  • Use Percent Equity StopLoss: Use a stop loss on a percentage of assets. If true, it will be taken into account maximal drawdown percentage.
  • Max DD to accept: Percentage value of the maximum drawdown.

LiteWave EA

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One Click Precision Pro

One Click Precision Pro

Utility One Click Precision Pro by Wolf Trading allows you to perform most of the trading in MetaTrader 4 with a single click. Install all trading options without leaving the timeline. Work out a deal with a single click and control the stop-loss and take-profit, without distracting from the schedule. Use the trade panel for management of individual transactions or group control of all transactions.

The market moves quickly. Be even faster.


  • On Screen Parameters Menu – set the lot size, stop loss and take profit in the upper left corner.
  • One Click Trade Placement – click on the arrow to the right in the trade menu to open a transaction to buy or sell. Up arrow to open long positions, the down arrow – short.
  • One Click Order Placement – hold down B to go long or short S to open and click the mouse on the place where you want to place an order. Binding feature allows you to easily set the order exactly highs and lows of the previous candle.
  • On Screen Trade Management – Right after the installation order is displayed in red and green area. For accurate setting take profit and stop-loss drag them in these areas.
  • On Screen Trade Panel – It allows you to view multiple transactions, to manage them individually or by a group of transactions. Open the long position, hold M and clicking in the place where you want to place a trade panel. For short positions is the same with the key F.
  • Know Your Position – after entering the market on the right will be displayed numbers. The potential profit is displayed at the top of long positions, current profit or loss – in the middle, and the current loss is displayed in red at the bottom. And vice versa for short.
  • Automated Breakeven – at the top left of the screen can also be set avtobezubytok (Auto BE). Set the desired level, and your transaction will be automatically moved to breakeven.
  • Automated Trailing Stop Loss – there, on the left side of the screen, you can set an automatic trailing stop (Auto SL). Specify the number of pips, which is activated upon reaching the trailing stop, trailing stop will be tightened at every tick.
  • Snap To Function – luvom in the top right corner of the screen displays the binding function. automatically sets the mouse cursor over the maximum or minimum any spark when the cursor reaches a certain distance in pips from this maximum or minimum. You can change the sensitivity of the function, changing the value (in pips) from the menu.
  • net Breakeven – in the shopping menu on the right side of the screen you can place individual transaction to breakeven with a single click on a button with a single arrow in the purchase or sale of the menu. If your position is profitable, when you press the button the stop loss will automatically move into the black. Dvoynye arrow transfer position in the overall breakeven.
  • Scale Out Button – % character button. When you press your current position is reduced by half.
  • Delete Pending Order – button with image boxes in the shopping menu. When you click the utility removes all pending orders for current symbol.
  • Close Position – X button in the shopping menu. It closes the current position and all pending orders.

One Click Precision Pro


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QTFx Box Alert

QTFx Box Alert

Indicator QTFx Box Alert draws a rectangle on the chart on the last completed a fractal from high to low. Indicator warns breakdowns fractal rectangle with a sideways market, the notification distance can be changed.

He immediately displays the new support and resistance levels, visually showing breakdowns on multiple timeframes.

You can easily see higher highs and lower lows to trade price action, you can also quickly see the distance in points from the last peak before the last minimum for installation, for example, the level of stop-loss.

Recommendations for trade

If the market is not stable in any timeframe, go to the senior timeframe, and expect to break

Use QTFx Box Alert conjunction with QTFx Power Pivots for easy operation and about the fights and reversals.

Please test indicator before buying.


  • The Box – color adjustment
  • ShowLabel – displaying the distance from the highest to the lowest points in fractals
  • ColorLabel – setting color labels
  • OffsetLabeltop – offset distance from the top of the fractal
  • OffsetLabelbottom – offset distance from the bottom of the fractal
  • RightShift – right shift marks
  • backtest Bars – backtesting
  • AlertOn – Alert crossing price rectangle up and down
  • Distance – distance to the alert, such as 5-point intersection milking breakdown
  • Alert Candle – Alert on the current candle or completed
  • Alert with Email – an email alert
  • Alert with Mobil – push-notification
  • Alert Sound – audible warning
  • Soundfile – the name of the sound file
  • Alert Popup – popup notification

QTFx Box Alert

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Breakdown of flat

Breakdown of the flat.

Hello, dear traders, I invite you to video a little facetious, but nevertheless I was there I show how you can earn on the news.

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