Breakdown of flat

Breakdown of the flat.

Hello, dear traders, I invite you to video a little facetious, but nevertheless I was there I show how you can earn on the news.

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Candle Pips

Candle Pips

IndicatorCandle Pips” – a tool that allows you to quickly see the size of the candle in the platform. This is a good tool for traders who want to carefully study the market, as well as a useful indicator for strategies based on the size of the candle.

The indicator shows the rounded amount in pips each candle on the current chart.

Its input parameters are simple:

  • Candle Type – part of the candle, which should be measured. “High__Low” – the distance between the high and low of each candle. “Open__Close” – the size of the candle body with no shadows.
  • Color_Values – text color measurement results.
  • Distance_of_Price: distance to display the size of the candle on its peak.
  • DECIMAL: Rounding the measurement results to integers or display the exact decimal value.
  • pos: this option allows you to set the second indicatorCandle Pips” on the same schedule that allows you to see version 2 prices “High__Low” and “Open__Close”. The default value is 0, when you install an additional copy of the indicator must be set to 1.

The indicator also includes a field that is displayed in the upper left corner of the chart, click on that updates data.

Candle Pips

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Australia rests China is growing Japan is marking

Australia rests, China is growing, Japan is marking time, the Korean fever

Asia-Pacific region showed
Monday’s mixed performance.
Sydney Stock Exchange was closed on the occasion of
Queen’s birthday, which is here
It is considered to be a public holiday.

  • overweight
    traded shanghai Composite,
    which is updated seven years
    high, adding up session
    2.17%. At the beginning of the day index was crawled
    red zone as traders interpreted the
    mixed trade data as the occasion
    for further easing of monetary
    politicians. Imports of Chinese markets
    I fell in May by 17.9% in annual terms.
    Export fell to 2.5%. Steven Davis,
    executive director of Javelin
    Wealth Management, said in
    commentary channel CNBC:
    “We can assume that the bad
    News in this case play a role
    good. Each weak statistical figure,
    coming from China, leading to new
    the movements of the People’s Bank of China. it
    American original race, which
    They are under a few fundamental
    reason why we are quite careful
    in the assessments. ” Today on
    Chinese stock market soared
    Banking Sector: everyone is waiting for tomorrow
    inclusion in the MSCI Emerging Markets
    “A” -aktsy Shanghai
    Exchange. Bank Of China and Bank Of Communications jumped
    10% each, Agricultural Bank Of China added
    7.3%; China Construction Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank of
    China (ICBC) strengthened more than 6% each.
  • Hang Seng increased
    0.21 on the day. investors react
    external news (from Shanghai and
    Wall Street).
  • Nikkei practically
    has not changed: in the closing
    fixed at 0.02% decline. the pair
    USDJPY to 13-year highs
    to 13.37 MSK) and optimistic data
    makrostatistiki mixed impact on
    stock market. GDP grew by 3.9% year on
    terms, and in respect of quarterly
    economy added 1%, which is much higher
    Preliminary calculations (+ 0.6%). All this
    It indicates that the country is
    economic rost.Tekuschy
    Japan’s account balance in April reached
    1.3 trillion yen, far below the 2.9 trillion in
    last month. As a result-oriented
    the export shares were traded very
    mixed. “Blue chips”
    Toyota Motor and
    Nissan lost
    respectively 1.3% and 0.5%. Sony
    more than 1% each.
  • KOSPI finished
    day in a minor key, losing 0.14%. In the country
    growing concerns about the outbreak
    fatal respiratory disease
    – Middle East fever. When
    Distribution weakened disease
    consumer spending, significantly
    decrease the income from tourism. increases
    the pressure on the central bank of the country on the topic
    interest rate reductions already
    this week. Most
    tourism-related companies have restored
    morning losses: hotel chain Hanatour
    Service increased by 1,4%, Hotel
    Shilla added 2.5%. But,
    for example, a major retailer Hyundai
    Department Store fell by 1%.

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Gold extends from 3 5 month lows

Gold extends from 3.5-month lows

On Friday, gold
little progress has departed from yesterday
minimum for the last 3.5 months. By 10.31
MSK August futures worth 1 167.70
dollars per troy ounce. Recall
precious metal fell yesterday to
$ 1 160,10. However, during the
this week, spot gold has lost
another 0.6% due to the increase due to the dollar
Greek debt crisis.

Now metal
growing, supported by weak data
US employment. Next event
which offers traders all over the world,
– Greek referendum on Sunday.
If Greeks choose disagreement with the terms and conditions
creditors, it is likely to be
mean a Greek exit from the eurozone. AT
then gold could get
additional support.

, the metal is under pressure:
investors are waiting for lift interest
Fed and indefinitely
This volatility makes lifting element
the auction.

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Intraday trading

intraday trading

Welcome by Victor 🙂

TC TraderViktorRu _ 17 FX Instr. + Bitcoin _ot M15 -zamkom- (hedge) odnolotnostyu (0.01) and EUR / USD GBP / USD lot 0.02

Always = (Profit + Rebeyt protorgovka + bonus) x in ezhedn.rezhime!

Market against TC = (Profit + Rebeyt protorgovka + bonus) x in ezhedn.rezhime! – drawdown

The market in my direction = (Profit + Rebeyt protorgovka + bonus) x in ezhedn.rezhime! + Reduction in drawdown

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KFX Trade Plotter

KFX Trade Plotter

KFX Trade Plotter shows the last transaction on the main chart.


Past transactions can now again be seen on the chart along with the entry and exit points. This is useful for improving the skills of trade. The indicator helps the trader to recreate the transaction to analyze the cause of the opening of the transaction at a certain point.


  • All colors are available for configuration

KFX Trade Plotter

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Modified Awesome Oscillator

Modified Awesome Oscillator

The main function of the indicator is the definition and labeling of the histogram indicator Awesome Oscillator Trading Signals Strategies “Trading Chaos second edition” and “New Trading Dimensions”.

Indicator detects and marks following trade signals:

  1. “Twin Peaks” – Divergence.
  2. Signal “Second sage” – a third subsequent bar histogram Awesome Oscillator, after the color change.
  3. Going through the histogram zero line.
  4. “Saucer” signal.

The indicator unit has a signal which informs the trader in any convenient form on the fact of the formation of trading signal.

The indicator is part of a holistic shopping mall Strategy “Trading Chaos”. It is part of the template and is recommended for use in conjunction with the following products:

  • Trading Chaos Expert
  • Trading Chaos Chart
  • New Trading Dimensions Chart
  • Modified Accelerator Oscillator
  • Recognizer 1 2 3 Patterns
  • WavesMaker
  • Spread and swap monitor
  • Virtual pending sell stop order (a simplified version of the expert)
  • Virtual pending buy stop order (a simplified version of the expert)

Modified Awesome Oscillator

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