Dollar licking his wounds after Fed shook bulls

Dollar licking his wounds after Fed shook bulls

The dollar suffered
heavy losses on Thursday, having made
its biggest one-day fall to
euro in the past six years. at the rate of
“Green” hit the Fed, which
It showed much more
“Dovish” tone than many expected
market participants, but also put emphasis
on the fact that the strengthening of the currency presses on
US exports. As expected,
the word “patient” was excluded from the
statement of interest rate rises,
but the outlook for the economy have been lowered,
and the expected trajectory of the recovery rate
rates become much longer and
flat. This – the signal to the gradual
policy normalizing rates. everything goes
slower than expected by many investors.

8.55 MSK moment is trading at 1.0769,
when that pair was Monday
in a 12-year low, reaching $ 1.0457.

“Our technical analysts
now we say that we are seeing
short-term bullish trend reversal,
that will reveal new targets in line
1.1016 and 1.1098 “, – says Elza Linos,
senior currency strategist at RBC
Capital Markets. – “But in the long
run all fundamental signs
indicate a short position on EURUSD:
the pair will fluctuate between
1.1050 and 1.11, and in its further movement
It will focus on achievement
parity. ”

yen dollar also slid down for
night. Compared with yesterday’s values
121.38, USDJPY fell to 119.76,
the first time in three weeks having gone below
at 120. However, it is now trading at

remain cautious buying
dollar / yen, “- said Kaneo Ogino,
Head of the research company
Global-info Co (Tokyo). – “I
convinced that even after today
Event dollar has a solid base against
Yen because people buy to
downs “.

dollar sell-off caused serious
a blow to the confidence of many of the “bulls” in
dollar. Some market participants
It said that the United States needed a strong data
to improve investor sentiment,
which will continue to rally the dollar. other
note that the dollar correction may

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ZigZag rsi MT5

ZigZag rsi MT5

ZigZag rsi MT5from its name you can understand that this indicator ZigZag, built on the RSI oscillator basis. The logic is simple indicator. If you change the trend of this fact says RSI TrendMT5 indicator, we are looking for maximum / minimum price at the site of the previous trend. Once this price level is found, it will be immediately marked by the indicator ZigZag rsi MT5.


  • period – period RSI TrendMT5.

ZigZag rsi MT5

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Analyst from company ForexMart

Analyst from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

The analysis of commodity currencies on June 27

Quotes of oil continued to rise, moving away from the values ​​of recent 10-month lows. Brent was able to gain a foothold above $ 46 per barrel on Tuesday, trading near the mark of $ 46.50. Strengthening of the asset contributed to hopes for a reduction in US stocks and production due to the storm Cindy. In bad weather conditions, many oil platform stopped work. Today released a report from the API, experts expect a significant reduction in hydrocarbon reserves in the United States.

Commodity currencies benefited from oil growth, the Canadian dollar is stable in early trading near the 1.3230 area. The US dollar failed to break 1.3260 resistance area and continued downward movement to 1.3200. Market participants are awaiting appearances Stephen Poloz on Wednesday.

The ruble went on to apparently strengthen. Unable to overcome the level of 60 rubles., The pair quotes declined to 58.65. to reduce the trend continues, during the day expect growth of the ruble to 58.30. Support the ruble have the rising cost of oil and the peak of tax payments on VAT, excise duties and the mineral extraction tax.

Technical analysis of the levels of Pivot 27.06.

Yesterday the pair showed growth in the region of 1.1217, denoting a new high since June 15. Since the beginning of today’s session, the pair is located below the level of Pivot 1,27269, but above SMA200. Today, the pair is likely to begin correction downward movement in the area of ​​the first support, after which growth is possible in the area of ​​1.1279, where there is an important resistance level. Support levels: 1.11611, 1.11414, 1.11133. Resistance Levels: 1.12089, 1.12370, 1.12567

Yesterday, in the first half of the day the pair marked a high at 1.27543, and then began to pound actual consolidation. Now the Briton is under the level of Pivot 1,27269, but above SMA200. Today, most likely we will have the flat. It is also possible breakthrough in the area R3 1,2775. Support levels: 1.26996, 1.26783, 1.26510. Resistance Levels: 1.27482, 1.27755, 1.27968

The pair have a long time is within the outset. Yesterday, the pair managed to break through the upper limit of the range and to identify high at 111.935. But today, the pair once again began to decline in the region Pivot 111,657 level. Quotes are located above and below the SMA200 Iti today should not be. Waiting pair of correction to reduce to S111,380, then jerk is possible to R1 111,123. Support levels: 111.3803, 110.9147, 110.6373. Resistance Levels: 112.1233, 112.4007, 112.8663

Canadian trading session began, sitting above the Pivot 1,32436. Now the pair have gone under the SMA200 and continues to decline. Today we expect the pair to decline S1 1,3217. Support levels: 1.32177, 1.31856, 1.31597. Resistance Levels: 1.32757, 1.33016, 1.33337.

27.06. fundamental analysis

The US dollar strengthened yesterday against most major currencies in anticipation speech Fed Chairman Janet Yellen. This week, watch closely the performance of the Fed officials: dollar bulls have intensified, hoping for a tough stance of the Fed.

The yield on 10-year US government bonds decreased 7 days in a row.

ECB President Mario Draghi said that the interest rate should be maintained at the same level, despite the increase in economic indicators, and has no plans in the near future to reduce the volume of purchases of assets. Overall, the performance of the US economy falling, and the data from the euro zone improved, indicating that the bullish sentiment in the pair EUR / USD.

British Prime Minister Tereza Mey has been able to reach an agreement with the Democratic Unionist Party on the establishment of a minority government. The British pound strengthened, but only slightly, because the Party Terezy Mey has not received a majority in parliament and in the future will face difficulties during the vote on the bill.

The focus today:

  • Speech by the head of the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney.

  • The consumer confidence index in the United States.

  • Speech by US Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen.

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Goldman Sachs Index of USD EURUSD

Goldman Sachs Index of USD, EUR / USD

It should be noted that the purpose of long-term triangle at 102.50 still not been satisfied. Thus, although the correction is clearly going on, there is still reason to believe that the upward trend has remained largely unchanged …

Next resistance is 1.0839-1.0874. This includes the 61.8% retracement and a minimum of 1,618 on April 13. The final pullback level above there 76.4% to 1.0914. Wave came back to 1.1036 (maximum of 6 April), the ideal is to remain below 1.0914 to confirm the move.

GS believes that the final medium-term challenges are still around 1.0286-1.0103.

PS: Free $ 15 on binary options.

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AFX Stochastic Trendline

AFX Stochastic Trendline

AFX Stochastic Trendline automatically draws all the trend lines based on the indicator Stochastic.


Indicator AFX Stochastic Trendline The following draws on the indicator Stochastic:

  • trendlines
  • channels
  • linear regression Channels

Description of the input parameters

======Stochastic indicator settings======

  • Kperiod – between K Stochastic indicator
  • Dperiodperiod D Stochastic indicator
  • Slowing – the deceleration indicator Stochastic
  • price_Field – Stochastic indicator price
  • mA_Method – Stochastic indicator moving average method
  • Mode – Select the primary or the signal line (MAIN or SIGNAL)
  • Stochastic_Color – color line Stochastic
  • Stochastic_Width – Stochastic linewidth
  • Stochastic_Style – Stochastic line style

======Displaying bars======

  • showBars – the number of displayed bars


  • trend – display or hide trendlines
  • Trend_Up – display or hide the upward trend line (running, if the value of the parameter trend = true)
  • Trend_Down – display or hide the downward trend line (running, if the value of the parameter trend = true)
  • THighline – the color of the downtrend line
  • TLowline – the color of the uptrend line

======line channels======

  • ChannelLine – display or hide the line channels
  • highline – Color upper channel line
  • Lowline – the color of the lower channel line

======linear regression======

  • Channel – display or hide the linear regression channel
  • ChannelH – Color upper channel
  • ChannelL – the color of the lower channel
  • Regression – true / false regression
  • RayH – a continuous upper channel
  • RayL – lower continuous channel
  • STDwidthH – the standard deviation of the upper channel (works if the value Regression = false)
  • STDwidthL – standard deviation lower channel (works if the value Regression = false)

======Check history======

  • Back – if the value of this parameter – 0, the indicator will check the current bar. If you want to check for any trendline 5 bars ago, specify a value of 5, and so on.

AFX Stochastic Trendline

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At rate of ruble forecasts for this week by Russian

at the rate of the ruble forecasts for this week by Russian analysts

Today, it is the middle
working week and before the opening of trading

the participants of the Russian market again
the question arises – how to behave
Today ruble? Do I need to have to buy
currency, or should wait a little longer? From
which is now primarily dependent
exchange rates? The portal publishes
Popular analysts’ forecasts, and we
We give them a brief squeeze.

For example, an analyst
Promsvyazbank Alexey Egorov confident
the dollar is unlikely to fall below the level of
50 rub., Despite the fact that exporters
We began to sell foreign exchange earnings for the
the payment of taxes. Besides beginning of the tax
period ruble helps to strengthen growth
the price of oil. According to the analyst, the course
the ruble against the dollar will be in the
51,5-53 boundaries just because stabilization
of oil prices and due to the increase
interest in Russian assets by
foreign investors. strong growth
or the fall of the ruble this week will not
will be.

Head of Department
research and analytics Rosbank Yuri
Tulinov, in turn, noted that
Ruble today “lives in isolation from
fundamental factors. ” For example,
it is not so strongly influenced by movements
oil prices or the dollar dynamics on
global markets. Lately
ruble for a long time holding on
by demand for ruble assets (non-residents
buying OFZ, waiting for lower rates
CB), but this factor is gradually reduced.
Until the end of the month the power of the national currency should be
survive, because the company will
payment of taxes in the budget, which is usually
It supports the ruble.

Center specialist
economic forecasting
Gazprombank Maxim Petronevich
argues that the ruble should
continue, with the last such
trend “indefinitely – by
weeks to a few months. ” Petronevich
adding that the ruble already pereukreplen
at current oil prices. extension
ruble growth is possible in the case
increase in oil prices or
case of intensive lowering key
rates of the Central Bank.

Alexander Kuptsikevich,
an analyst at FxPro, predicts
shortly Course 51-57 rubles. per dollar.
According to him, now more
prerequisites for the weakening of the ruble than
to strengthen. For example, an increase in its
rates of currency auctions REPO
ECB gave implicit sign that
It is going to weaken the ruble growth. regulator
will begin to reduce the rate of the ruble or
raise for the currency to increase
ruble liquidity and run
lending. It is noticeable that markets are
play very carefully, buying ruble.

Timur Nigmatullin,
THEIR analyst “Finam”, in solidarity with many
and experts say that until the end of this
week we will see a moderate
strengthening of the ruble. The goal by Friday – 50-51
rub. per dollar. Until (at least until
the next meeting of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in
the end of April) to maintain high ruble
key rate, the local decline in volumes
external debt payments and de-escalation
the conflict in Ukraine. Today, however,
possible increased volatility,
when reports on oil stocks will be released in
United States, and on Thursday-Friday – during the live
line with the President of the Russian Federation.

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Strength Index

Strength Index

Strength Index – a great tool for finding entries with low risk and high return. Strength Index helps traders understand whether the market is overbought or oversold. When the index is above 90 is overbought. When the index is below 90 the market is oversold. Option “Highlight lines” move allocates band and perekuplennosti pereprodannosti.

Remember that the market may be overbought and oversold for a long period of time. Do not use leased lines to enter. On the contrary, wait for the green / red line will not be white. This saves you from premature entry. However, you can enter the market when there is a dedicated line in the direction of the trend. (For example, in an uptrend and the index is below 10, you can open a long position.)

We strongly recommend that before buying to test the indicator on a demo account. Try the free demo!

The indicator is equipped with an experimental option called “Trend Recommendation” ( “Recommended trend“), which will help to filter out low-quality signals. This option will show you the direction of the transaction and roll back, if there is one.

  • When the line becomes a trend recommended light green, market directed upwards. When the line becomes a trend recommended dark green, the trend is still going up, but the market may undergo a rollback or reversal.
  • When the line becomes a trend recommended light red, the market is directed downward. When the line becomes a trend recommended dark red, the trend is still going down, but the market may undergo a rollback or reversal.

Option “Show Trend Recommendation Text” ( “Show the text recommended by the trend”) to display the current status “Trend Recommendation” in the form of text. This is an extremely useful option, since it helps traders to easily identify the status of the current market situation.

Trend Recommendation mode is also experimental. We will continue to update and refine the product, making it better and more accurately. You can also trade and improve the accuracy of using this indicator for multi-timeframe analysis.

If you have any problems or you want to suggest a new feature to display, send me a message

Item display

  • SI_Period: The number of bars used to calculate Strength Index indicator. (It should be above 0)
  • S_Period: The number of index values ​​for anti-aliasing. (It should be above 1)
  • SI_Method: Smoothing method.
  • HighlightLines: Selection lines, if the index is above the upper or below the lower level
  • UpperLevel: Index level at which the market is considered overbought.
  • LowerLevel: Index level at which the market is considered oversold.
  • TrendRecommendation: Displays the status of the trend in the bottom of the display. Light green / red color indicates that there is a strong upward / downward trend in the market. Dark green / red color indicates that the market there is a rollback or reversal.
  • ShowTrendRecommendationText: Displays the current trend in the recommended text.
  • txt_XDistance: X coordinate for displaying text on the trend. (B pixels)
  • txt_YDistance: Y coordinate to display text on the trend. (B pixels)
  • txt_Corner: Corner where text will be displayed on the trend.
  • txt_color_up: Color of the text in an uptrend.
  • txt_color_down: Color of the text in a downtrend.

Strength Index

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