Asia today is calm and positive on background

Asia today is calm and positive on the background of the general output

stock world is very calm: the majority
sites closed on the occasion of Easter
Friday. Asian-Pacific area,
despite their cultural view
membership, also would not mind to relax.
So today is covered Singapore,
Hong Kong Stock Exchange, rest
and Australia and New Zealand.

major developments in Asian markets
today unfolding in Japan,
mainland China and South Korea. By
the day Nikkei and Topix gained 0.6% each; Shanghai Composite –
0.99%; KOSPI –
0.81%. Analysts attribute this
complacent behavior of investors
general calm in the market and with the expectation
Friday’s data from the US labor market.
Volatility in Asian markets
today was low.

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Hairpin market

hairpin market

The “Studs market” reflects true studs regardless of market volatility.

When you are in the market see the pin, it may not be of such a scale that is needed, and that’s the challenge and the indicator will cope.

He is not engaged in the search for Pin-bars, and displays pins on which something was happening.

The indicator may suggest the imminent reversal of the market.

It is not redrawn.

It works on any timeframe and currency pair.

hairpin market

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Gold extends from 3 5 month lows

Gold extends from 3.5-month lows

On Friday, gold
little progress has departed from yesterday
minimum for the last 3.5 months. By 10.31
MSK August futures worth 1 167.70
dollars per troy ounce. Recall
precious metal fell yesterday to
$ 1 160,10. However, during the
this week, spot gold has lost
another 0.6% due to the increase due to the dollar
Greek debt crisis.

Now metal
growing, supported by weak data
US employment. Next event
which offers traders all over the world,
– Greek referendum on Sunday.
If Greeks choose disagreement with the terms and conditions
creditors, it is likely to be
mean a Greek exit from the eurozone. AT
then gold could get
additional support.

, the metal is under pressure:
investors are waiting for lift interest
Fed and indefinitely
This volatility makes lifting element
the auction.

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Bollinger Bands Stepper

Bollinger Bands Stepper

Interpretation of the indicator Bollinger Bands is based on the fact that the price tends to remain within the range formed by the upper and lower Bollinger bands.

  1. Abrupt changes in prices tend to happen after the band corresponding to reduce volatility;
  2. If prices break through the upper band, we should expect the continuation of the current trend;
  3. If the pikes and hollows outside the band are followed by pikes and hollows inside the band, the turn of the trend;
  4. price movement started from one of the strip lines usually reaches the opposite one. Last observation is useful for forecasting price guideposts.

To avoid false alarms, you can use Bollinger Bands Stepper indicator – a modification of the indicator Bollinger Bands.

Bollinger Bands Stepper

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Three reasons to sell yen

Three reasons to sell the yen

BofA Merrill Lynch believes that the Bank of Japan will continue to adhere to the ultra-loose monetary policy in the medium and long term, preferring to observe its normalization by the Fed and other tsentrobankov- G10 issuers. Low volatility, high cost of capital in the United States and the divergence in the monetary policy of the Fed and the BoJ are “bullish” factors for the pair USD / JPY. They allow us to recommend the purchase, but the bank is concerned about the political and other risks that are putting pressure on the US dollar.

The inability of the team to Donald Trump to push through Congress a bill on changes in the health system, as well as a more “dovish” rhetoric Janet Yellen than-expected correction contribute USD / JPY.

However, BofA Merrill Lynch believe there is a risk of a temporary nature, and already the US dollar in the fall will cost 115 yen.

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One Click Close

One Click Close

The script makes it easy to close positions, which profit / loss reached or privysil specified value (in pips).

First you need to set the slip. Sometimes certain positions can not be closed because of the high volatility in the market. In this case, set a higher slippage or restart the script.

One Click Close

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Three Bar Break

Three Bar Break

Three Bar Break is based on one of the methods of commerce Linda Bradford Raschke, who seemed to me good in identifying potential future price volatility. Indicator look for those moments when High High current bar below the second bar, and Low Low current bar above the second bar. This suggests the possibility of a market breakthrough to a new level in the next 2-3 bars.

The indicator should be used mainly on the daily charts to help identify potential movement in the coming days.


  • A simple method of forecasting future volatility.
  • Select your favorite color and line thickness.
  • Set up sending notifications on the screen, email or smartphone.



  • Line Color – the color of the lines a 3-bar formation.
  • Line Size – the thickness of the lines 3-bar formation.


  • Soundfile – sound file for alerts.
  • PlaySound – if true will be made audible warning to the false will not.
  • MessageBox – if true will appear pop-up messages, at the false will not.
  • SendeMail – If true, messages will be sent by e-mail, when false will not.
  • SendMobile – if true will send alerts to a mobile device, at a false will not.

Three Bar Break

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