Oil prices on Friday Saudi Arabia threatens to

Oil prices on Friday Saudi Arabia threatens to ramp up production

Friday, crude oil futures sharply cheaper :.
By 12.48 Brent
with the delivery
in July fell to 64.37 dollars
barrel; WTI
to $ 59.97.

loses quotes after the statement
the world’s largest oil exporter –
Saudi Arabia. Its officials
It said that the country is ready to increase
production to new record highs
and thereby potentially increase
the degree of global glut
delivery. The fact that the unofficial leader
OPEC is in talks with Indian
buyers on the supply of addtional
volumes of oil. This means that Saudi
Arabia can beat your own
record set in May: 10.3 million
barrels per day.

a pressure on the market factor
energy – a stronger dollar
against the euro because of the risk of
pluck that negotiations on Greece.

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ECB if necessary is ready to stimulate economy

ECB, if necessary, is ready to stimulate the economy, but will not take any hasty decisions – Central Bank council member

The European Central Bank (ECB) is ready to increase the amount of stimulus at the March meeting, if necessary, the head of the Bank of Slovenia and a member of the Board of Governors of the ECB Boštjan Yazhbech in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. However, he added, should not be considered acts of the Central Bank "magic wand"Which can solve all the problems in the eurozone.

ECB, according B.Yazhbecha, do not make hasty decisions in response to factors which may be temporary.

"If required, we will take action, – he said. – However, we will decide how these measures are necessary after a thorough analysis of the data that will be available in March".

ECB President Mario Draghi two weeks earlier made it clear that the central bank is seriously considering the possibility of increasing the volume of the stimulus at the March meeting.

Yesterday M.Dragi said that global pressure to weaken inflation, is not a reason for inaction of the Central Bank.

Meanwhile, Bundesbank President Yens Vaydmann expressed the view that central banks should not unduly react violently to a temporary decline in oil prices.

B.Yazhbech noted that the European Central Bank need to make "a more complete opinion on the basis of statistical data". "We should not react immediately to events that may prove to be short-term", – he said.

According B.Yazhbecha, at the disposal of the ECB have the tools that will enable him to achieve the inflation target.

"We have a lot of tools that you can use, but you must have the support of, and in other policy areas, which, in my opinion, significantly lacking in some cases,", – he said.

According to preliminary data of the Statistical Department of the European Union, consumer prices in the euro area in January rose by 0.4% in annual terms.

Annual inflation remains below target ECB constituting 2%, over two years old, in spite of the reduction rate to record low levels, and a program QE (QE).

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Weis Wave

weis Wave

Indicator to determine the supply and demand in all markets. It is based on an idea from the book by David Weiss “A Modern Adaptation of the Wyckoff Method”.

It works on any volume. It displays the total amount in the waves.

Excellent show divergence, the beginning or the end of the trend, the presence or absence of the supply / demand in the trend.

The indicator works in two modes: the amount of “total / single” display “simple / Oscillator”.

Input parameters

  • Volume – selection of volume or real tick
  • Volume mode – volumes display mode, the total or single
  • Sensitivity – sensitivity for determining reversal (recommended 2)
  • Oscillator mode – selection of operating mode in an oscillator
  • Value line – volume readings Line
  • Color line “+” volume – color line +
  • Color line “-” volume – color lines –
  • Non fixed volume – unrecorded volume

weis Wave

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Bank of America is not waiting for onset of recession

Bank of America is not waiting for the onset of a recession due to the bankruptcy of oil companies

These fears are groundless, says economist Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Michel Mayer.

Concerns that the bankruptcy of oil companies may trigger the onset of the recession in the United States are groundless, says economist Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Michel Mayer.

It is important to note that if the number of defaults is growing because of the situation in the economy itself, their influence on it is quite limited – quoted by Business Insider Meyer.

Meyer cites the example of a hypothetical mid-sized companies:. Let’s say it 600 thousand employees, and, for example, half of them will become unemployed within a year (it draws attention to the fact that bankruptcy does not necessarily lead to liquidation of the company, but often its restructuring ) – this corresponds to a reduction of 25 thousand jobs a month.. However, keep in mind that a considerable part of these reductions have already taken place and has been reflected in the statistics, not too reflected on the state of the economy.

oil companies, the threat of bankruptcy is not reflected in the volume of loans granted by banks.

Although it is too early to judge, but so far there is no evidence of deterioration in bank lending dynamics – emphasizes Meier.

According to portfolio manager Mark Durbiano of Federated Investments, concerns about the impact of defaults oil companies on the economy expressed in the active sale of high-yield bonds since the beginning of the year, but in recent weeks the dynamics of these papers shows that the risks are seen as declining.

“The quality of corporate loans is high, the US economy is strong, there is no reason to think that something is about to change,” – emphasizes Durbiano.

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Banks choose entire limit of 85 billion rubles

Banks choose the entire limit of 85 billion rubles on deposit auction VEB

Banks on Friday chose the whole limit of 85 billion rubles to VEB auction on placement of pension savings in bank deposits, according to a state corporation.

The volume of allocated funds amounted to 85 billion rubles, the demand – 133 billion rubles. The funds are placed for 11 days. Date of placement of funds – July 21 return – 1 August.

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The graph bars (HLC) of NZD (New Zealand Dollar) in a separate window with the long-term and short-term regression channel for easy identification of currency strength or weakness.

  1. For NZDUSD: Direction of movement of the pair is easy to see when the product is used in conjunction with indicators US Dollar and VSA volume.
  2. For GBPNZD: Direction of movement of the pair is easy to see when the product is used in conjunction with indicators GBP and VSA volume.
  3. For EURNZD: Direction of movement of the pair is easy to see when the product is used in conjunction with indicators EURO and VSA volume.
  4. For NZDCHF: Direction of movement of the pair is easy to see when the product is used in conjunction with indicators CHF and VSA volume.
  5. For AUDNZD: Direction of movement of the pair is easy to see when the product is used in conjunction with indicators AUD and VSA volume.
  6. For NZDJPY: Direction of movement of the pair is easy to see when the product is used in conjunction with indicators JPY and VSA volume.
  7. For NZDCAD: Direction of movement of the pair is easy to see when the product is used in conjunction with indicators CAD and VSA volume.


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FCopy designed to copy transactions between accounts of MetaTrader 4. It is simple to use.

Attention: The program runs locally on a PC or Windows VPS. This version does not run on virtual terminal.

Demo version: https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/24791


  • MODEOperating mode. MASTER: The copy source, SLAVE: Backup receiver.
  • CopyFromAccounts: Account number from which will be made up, separated by “;”.
  • VolumeCorrelation: Used to calculate order volume, to be copied. This volume = balance of the client / master balance * master volume * VolumeCorrelation. Example: the master balance is $ 2000 transaction amount is 0.2 lots, customer balance is $ 1000, and VolumeCorrelation is 1.0. The volume of transactions on the client in this case is 0.1 lots. Note: VolumeCorrelation value should not exceed 3.0 in order to protect a client account from a high drawdown.
  • FixedVolume: all copied orders will be the same scope specified in FixedVolume, regardless of the value VolumeCorrelation.
  • NotCopyLowEquityIf the size of its own funds to the customer’s account below NotCopyLowEquity, up to an account receiver will be terminated.


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